Unleash Your Creativity in Interior Design

Meet Judith Molyneux, an experienced and passionate interior design consultant, dedicated to
guiding you on an inspiring journey through the world of interior design. With over 30 years of
industry expertise, Judith is a respected Accredited Professional Member of the Design Institute
of Australia and a Certified Workplace Trainer and Assessor BSZ40198.

For those seeking industry skills and knowledge in interior design & home decoration, Molyneux
Designs has now made training units available to purchase online. In these training units, you
will find a wealth of information from an experienced and longstanding interior design

This is the perfect opportunity for those seeking to pursue a career as a self-employed design
consultant, those who are working within the building industry and people who are avid
hobbyists who want to improve their own homes with DIY.

Your Gateway to Design Excellence

For over 15 years, Judith has empowered aspiring designers with comprehensive training
packages. Now, she brings her courses online, making it convenient for you to develop essential
skills and knowledge in home design. Whether you dream of becoming a self-employed
consultant or joining the building industry, Judith’s guidance will set you on the path to success.

Sustainable and Functional Design

Judith advocates for designs that are simple, safe, and environmentally friendly. Her philosophy
centres around creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also promote sustainable living.
With her insights, you’ll learn to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and

Practical Advice for Home Enthusiasts

Beyond training, Judith offers practical advice to home purchasers and renovators. Drawing
from her extensive experience, she provides valuable insights into the pros and cons of different
design choices and, empowers homeowners to make informed decisions.