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If you’re building a new home, or simply renovating the existing one, you’ll be very aware that the interior design choices you make will be with you for a very long time. You want your home to be an expression of who you are, and yet you also want it to be a practical, comfortable and functional space in which to live. Interior design criteria is difficult to reconcile, especially so for the do it yourself homeowner. Let’s face it, where else do you find people undertaking a skilled, complex task in which they have no training, and so little practice? The case for using an interior designer could hardly be clearer, could it? We all assume that professional interior designers in Perth are a costly luxury and only for the wealthy? This is not so… fact, obtaining the correct information early in your building or renovating project can ultimately save you unnecessary expense or long term disappointment!

Over 30 years of experience in interior design

Judith Molyneux is no ordinary interior designer. A graduate of Perth’s Leederville College of TAFE, and an Accredited Professional Member of the Design Institute of Australia, Judith has not only practiced as an interior design consultant in Perth for over 30 years, but teaches courses in interior design and decor, passing on her skills to fresh generations of WA designers. So she not only practices what she preaches, she teaches what she practices – a unique combination of skills that allows her clients to give rein to their creative powers, under the guidance of an expert who will turn their dreams into practical reality. With Judith’s assistance, generations of Perth home-makers, professionals such as dentists and doctors, government departments and businesses have found that doing more with less can come naturally, and can actually save them money in the long run.

Judith’s teaching experience in interior design is one of the keys to her success. As with her students, she approaches each of her clients as an artist, harnessing their creative urges under her mentorship to produce a beautiful, functionally satisfying interior. Clients may lack the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience necessary to realise their ideas, so Judith professionally assumes her role supplying these faculties and working as a team with her clients to bring their interior design concepts to life.

Judith’s home is Western Australia, a state which enjoys a wide variety of climatic conditions, but overall is blessed with a great deal of sunshine. Judith is passionate about the skillful use of natural light and colour, believing that it can be far more rewarding and effective than expensive applied gimmickry and short lived clichés. Well designed homes may be substantially less expensive and lasting ultimately compared to the much marketed, less expensive mass produced alternatives.

Obtaining the right information initially is essential to a successful home building or renovating contract.

Design Services We Offer

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‘One Off’ Home Design Appraisal

A one off home design appraisal will consist of an appraisal of your existing home or new home plans. Upon completion of your home appraisal and at your request, we can provide a complete schedule of finishes for decor and design recommendations. Alternatively, you may wish to document the recommendations during the appraisal of your home.

Fixed Price Complete Home Recommendations

A complete home recommendation consists of a complete appraisal of an existing home or new home plans. This will involve sourcing and recommending all finishes, fittings, colour schemes, soft furnishings, furniture, design of cabinetwork to include bathroom, kitchen and any built in furniture units, selection of appliances and objet d’art, etc. necessary for completion of interiors. Documents provided include plans, elevations, schedules and specifications necessary for completion of the home.


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