Design Service Pricing


Fee charged on pro rata basis.

$350.00 (not including GST) for one hour consultation or part thereof not including GST.

Appraisal of your existing home or new home plans.

Upon completion of your home appraisal and at your request, an additional fee of $275.00 (not including GST), we will provide a Complete Schedule of Finishes for decor and design recommendations, alternatively you may wish to document the recommendations during appraisal of the home.


Fixed price fee determined by Designer following a complete brief taken of all works required.

$350.00 per hour or part thereof not including GST. Approximately 25 hours in total depending on complexity of recommendations.

Complete appraisal of existing home or new home plans.

Sourcing and recommending all finishes, fittings, colour schemes, soft furnishings, furniture, design of cabinetwork to include bathroom, kitchen and any built in furniture units, selection of appliances and objet d’art etc necessary for completion of interiors. Documents provided are plans, elevations,schedules and specificationsnecessary for completion of the home.


As above $50.00 per hour not including GST.

Alternatively, we have assistants working under Judith Molyneux’s supervision who have all the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake any work as detailed above.

One Room Photo Appraisal

Send 2 photos per room for assessment and recommendations.
Cost $195 (not including GST) per room including documented recommendations.

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