Bathroom, Kitchen & Interior Spaces Course – POA

The Kitchen, Bathroom & Interior Spaces Course is a one year course attending one day a fortnight providing graduates with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to provide kitchen design services and carry out marketing and business tasks as a self-employed professional, employee of interior decor and/or design related commercial outlet, building  and/or new home start consultant.

The course comprises twenty six Units of Competency delivered over 40 weeks. Each unit focuses on the knowledge in understanding and carrying out kitchen decor in design related procedures required for the research, development, promotion and practice of successful kitchen decor and design services.

This course cannot be undertaken until satisfactory completion of the Home Interior Decor & Design course.

Kitchens, Bathrooms & Interior Spaces – Full Curriculum


Home Interior Decor & Design Pre-Requisite Units

  • MSAENV272B – Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • MSAENV272B – Exterior and interior home design components and their function and how they impact on home planning, decoration and design.
  • BSBDES305A – Source and apply information on the history and theory of design
  • LMFID4001A – Research, analyse and apply colour for interior spaces
  • LMFSF3011B – Advise customers on interior decoration
  • LMSFS2006B – Window types and treatments
  • LMFKB4006A – Calculate fabric quantities for window coverings
  • LMFGN3002A – Prepare quotation and contract documentation for design project. Estimate and cost job.
  • LMFFM3013B – Measure and draw site layout for manufactured furniture products
  • MSAPMOH200A – Work safely
  • MSAPMSUP106A – Work in a team
  • MSAPMSUP102A – Communicate in the workplace
  • LMFID4008A – Assess interior light and recommend fittings
  • LMFID3002A – Source and specify decoration products
  • Floor types and coverings
  • Major Assignment Brief – accessories and their application
  • Day excursion


Kitchen, Bathroom & Interior Spaces Units

  • LMFKB4001A – Determine spatial planning considerations for kitchen designs
  • LMFKD4002A – Research and recommend materials, components and finishes for kitchen and bathroom designs
  • BSBDES401A – Generate design solutions
  • LMFDN4001B – Produce drawings from design concepts
  • LMFID5005A – Explore and apply creative design principles to interior space
  • LMFFM3011B – Produce manual and computer-aided production drawings
  • LMFID4007A – Identify building materials, construction techniques and methods used in interiors
  • LMFKB3001A – Identify processes in kitchen and bathroom projects
  • LMFKB3008A – Identify cabinet construction and installation methods
  • LMFKB4003A – Identify and document services required to support fitted furniture designs
  • LMFKB4007A – Design ancillary residential cabinetry
  • CPCCOHS1001A – Work safely in the construction industry
  • BSBSMB403A – Market the small business
  • Major Design Assignment Brief
  • Day excursion to design businesses.

Following the successful completion of all units, each student will complete and submit a full interior decor proposal for assessment. The presentation folder will be kept as the graduate’s portfolio of work when applying for future employment.

Skills required to successfully complete the course include

  • Design analysis;
  • Briefing techniques and design prerequisites;
  • Using colour in kitchens and bathrooms;
  • Researching construction and installation;
  • Work safely and effectively and communication in the workplace;
  • Measure and draw a site;
  • Generate design solutions and produce hand and computer generated drawings
  • Preparation of contract documents in support of kitchen design recommendations;
  • Cabinetwork design and finishes;
  • Researching, identifying and recommending materials, components and finishes;
  • Scheduling, ordering and purchasing;
  • Work timetables;
  • Essential business practice;
  • Specifications and scheduling.
  • Compilation and creation of visuals aids:

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