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For over 30 years Judith Molyneux has been practising interior design and delivering interior design courses in and around Perth.  Judith believes the demand for interior design services is expanding in wholesale, retail and professional consulting and will continue to expand for the foreseeable future.   She’ll  show you how to participate in that future through her interior design courses – made all the more affordable with easy payment terms.

Today, architecture and interior design is far more eclectic to that of the past leading to an almost infinite variety of interior configurations and styles. Buildings must meet far greater standards of safety and energy efficiency to their counterparts of the past. Old buildings are being renovated with modern criteria in mind, radically altering their interior composition behind preserved façades.

Changes in the way we house ourselves today have important implications for anyone, like Judith, who is passionate about interior design and decoration. The more variety there is in the configuration of habitable spaces, the more demand there is for professional designers to exploit them in the creation of unique, beautiful and commodious living and working environments.

However, this wealth of opportunity comes with a burden of responsibility. Practitioners need to have a far more fundamental understanding of professionalism and interior design lighting, space, colour, planning, energy requirements and sustainability.

Judith’s interior decor and design courses conducted in the Perth suburb of Myaree teach these principles from the ground up and with the benefit of three decades’ experience as a practising interior designer.

Interior design courses offered are as follows:


Home Interior Décor and Design

This course covers the learning of skills and knowledge to include measuring, planning and designing of spaces for various functions to include private, public and service areas of the home.  Colour, lighting, history of decor and design, interior design and finishing materials used, flooring and windows treatments finishing with accessories.  The course also covers business practices, specifying and ordering. Student contact is one day per fortnight, school holidays excluded. The duration of this course is 20 weeks.

Kitchens, Bathrooms and Interior Spaces

An advanced course tackling the skills and knowledge required to cover kitchen and bathroom design to include OH&S, measuring, planning, design and inclusion of domestic services such as water and power, together with the production of working and presentation drawings.  The duration of this course is 40 weeks.

Short Home Décor Course

This ½ day per week course has been developed specifically for the home decorator, renovator or new home purchaser. The course focuses on room analysis, home colour, soft furnishings, home and garden accessories. The duration of this course is 5 weeks.

Payment Options

To make it easier for students to realise their interior design ambitions, Judith offers discounts for full payment prior to commencement or term payments for credit card users.  Generous discounts are available for couples registering.

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