What Are The Processes Involved In Interior Landscaping?

What Are The Processes Involved In Interior Landscaping?

Landscaping is not only an artistic manipulation of land surfaces that is done on exterior grounds. As a trend, it can even be done indoors for the purpose of creating an environment that is both conducive and stimulating to the senses. Indoor plants and a well-structured atmosphere can greatly influence working conditions and familial relations. Having this in mind, contractors introduced interior landscaping and upon seeing its effect in aesthetic and work-related attributes, both the corporate world and homeowners, gladly welcomed it.

A lot of companies offer interior landscaping and its price range vary depending on the style, type of plants to be placed and other embellishments. There are three main steps for this. Read on to give you an overview of what to expect if ever you will be planning to have one either for your office or for your home.

Design and consultation

This includes searching for a qualified designer. Make use of brochures and the internet in looking for one. Contact him and ask for an appointment. Ask whether a free ocular inspection will be rendered. Get his idea regarding the landscaping but remember that a good design offers obtainable solutions to areas of concern and guarantees the compatibility of plant selection with existing environmental conditions.

Price should not be only the determining factor about the success. It does not matter if the work is a new project or a refurbishing of an existing interior landscaping. The rule of thumb here is a good planning process which will involve you, as the owner and a qualified and well-experienced interioscape designer. With these, you are off to a good start.

In this first step, several guidelines should be on your checklist: design and planting specifications; evaluation of existing installations; writing of project specifications; writing of, or evaluation of third party maintenance contracts; and sourcing of plant materials, products and other accessories. Be reminded that everything should be in writing and signed by concerned individuals.


Prior to delivery, plants should be properly prepared and this includes soil-leaching, re-potting and cleaning. Pest prevention measures should be done because houseplants, if uncleaned, will bring harmful pest to your home or office. See to it that these are done by the contractor to ensure that quality plants will be delivered to you. Appropriate delivery techniques should be observed to avoid traumatising the plants and options may include the use of a climate-controlled vehicle, scheduling, observance of special delivery requirements or supervised delivery of highly trained personnel.

As to the installation proper, talk over with the contractor if it will be an on-site or off-site preparation. Ask the scope of work that can be successfully done off-site. An on-site job may interrupt working hours. Make arrangements regarding working hours and be sure that the contractor can finish the job on a definite timeframe as stated in the signed contract. Have an idea on the quality of plants to be added and planting techniques should be executed properly.


To maintain the beauty of your indoor landscape, it has to be regularly maintained. You must also check for any irregularities. There are things to be done to have it in in good shape and this includes watering, pruning, fertilising and soil dressing. Pest control should also be in your list. Soil and water analysis and plant inventory should be done to make sure that the quality of soil is maintained.

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