What Do People Look For In An Interior Designer These Days?

What Do People Look For In An Interior Designer These Days?

The skills of interior designers allow them to optimize the functionality and aesthetic appeal of both private residences and offices. There is a lot of demand for these professionals nowadays with the continuous expansion of cities and living areas.

Interior designers are also integral parts of construction teams and they perform alongside architects in the planning and implementation phase of building projects. Considering their importance, selecting the best interior designer or team cannot be taken lightly. Let’s find out more about the attributes that should be part of the decision making process.

1. Excellent communication aptitudes

Optimal communication between all the parties involved is pivotal to any design or renovation project. The interior designers should be able to comprehend the vision of the client regarding the new space and suggest potential improvements in a way that the client understands their intentions. Afterwards, the designer must detail the concepts to the team in an intelligible manner and ensure that the instructions are respected to the letter. Overall, working with an interior designer with great communication skills is a guarantee that you, as a client, obtain exactly the desired outcome from the renovation or construction project.

2. Abundance of creative ideas

Creativity is perhaps the most important quality to look for in your next interior designer. An ingenious mind brimming with great ideas implies that your new space can be improved to a significant extent. Without creativity, you might as well perform the planning yourself. It’s important to know that creativity is also a product of years of experience in the field and exposure to hundreds of interior design concepts, which is why you should pick a designer who has been around the block a few times and can boast a quality education.

Let’s not forget that interior decorators are responsible for selecting everything from the window treatments and the type or placement of furniture to the colours and texture of the walls. To put it simply they virtually decide the appearance and functionality of the space. Consequentially, you’ll want to collaborate with the best in the field.

3. Experience and knowhow in digital rendering software

Pen and paper sketching is nowadays obsolete. With the advent of 3D rendering software, your interior designer is able to visualize the exact appearance of a space before the actual renovations commence. Furthermore, he is able to show clients what the finalized project will look like, without requiring them to possess extensive knowledge of reading blueprints. Therefore, customer satisfaction can be directly linked to the designer’s ability to create 3D models using available software programs.

The bottom line

Creativity, communication skills and expertise in 3D rendering programs are all vital skills for an interior designer. Evidently, developing and mastering them necessitates years of studying and hands-on practice. When you are planning to remodel or renovate a space, the assistance of a professional interior designer is not an expenditure you can eliminate from the allocated budget, unless you want to obtain subpar results. Shop around, ask for quotes, interview the team, and then decide who would be suitable for your project.

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