Inspecting Rooms for Bathroom Renovations 101

Inspecting Rooms for Bathroom Renovations 101

Looking to add a new bathroom to your home to speed things up in the morning? Or perhaps you’d like to spruce up an existing bathroom in your home? Maybe you’ve moved into a new property and you’d like to add a bathroom there?

Whatever the case, it’s important to do some inspections before you go ahead. Not just any old room will work as a bathroom and so you’ll need to assess whether the space is suitable for that purpose first.

Here are some checks you should always make before converting or adding your bathroom.


Before you begin it’s crucial to ensure that your bathroom is properly ventilated. This means you should have at least one window that you can use to let air out and this should be sufficient for preventing a build-up of moisture that could otherwise cause damage.

Don’t worry too much though if you don’t have ventilation in the room already – it’s always an option to add a bathroom extractor which will do the job instead. This will though increase the cost of your remodel.

Leaking and Deterioration

If you’re looking to remodel an existing bathroom, then take a look around the tiles. If you push on them, is there any give? Springy tiles suggest that the wall has become damp and deteriorated as a result and this might tell you that ventilation is insufficient.

When deciding whether or not to replace your current fittings, look for cracks or pitting. You should also look for the surface around the toilet – if the ground is uneven this can be a sign of leaking in which case you should replace it.


While you want to have windows for ventilation, you don’t want the bathroom to be too easily visible from outside. Make sure then that your windows are patterned or frosted so that people can’t see in easily, or you will at least need to add some blinds.

Water Pressure

For a room to be suitable as a bathroom it needs to have proper water pressure. A good way to test this is to try running the tap and then turning on the shower/flushing the toilet. If the flow from the tap is significantly reduced, this might be a sign that your water pressure is low and that in turn might suggest you need a new boiler. It’s also worth considering the toll that having multiple bathrooms will have on your room’s plumbing.

Power Outlets

Look for electrical outlets in the bathroom. If there is one, then you want it to be a ground-fault interrupter. This means it will have a special safety feature that will act as a second fuse and shut off the power to prevent electrical shocks should there be a fault. These are the outlets with the small, red, rectangular reset buttons.

Make all these checks before beginning your bathroom remodel and you’ll be able to prevent and avoid mistakes that could otherwise cost you. For more information, look for home design information and home design services in your area.

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