For Creative Bees – 7 Jobs That Comes With BIG Perks

For Creative Bees – 7 Jobs That Comes With BIG Perks

If you’re a creative person, the thought of being stuck behind an office desk probably seems frightening and stifling. You want to be up, moving, creating and living life to the max. Sadly, comparatively few creative jobs are well remunerated. Here are seven creative jobs in Australia that come with big perks.

#7. Landscape Artist

Some people dismiss landscape architects as glorified gardeners but there’s far more to the profession than that. You can choose to take an undergraduate or master’s degree in landscaping at many Australian universities. This lets you go into business for yourself and make a decent living doing what you love. Landscaping appeals to creative people who enjoy the challenge of helping homeowners connect with their physical space.

#6. Nail Artist

Fingernail art is big business in Australia and nail salons can command high prices for their work. Training as a nail artist is possible in most regional Australian colleges. The actual remuneration depends on whether the artist works in someone else’s shop or goes into business for themself. Working independently will net an artist higher remuneration, but business skills are needed.

#5. Airline Pilot

You don’t need to join the Australian Air force to train as a pilot, although many of the highest paying pilot jobs go to ex-military pilots. reports that Australian pilots enjoy an average income of $3,508 per calendar month. This is a great job for creative people who love to be active and take on new challenges.

#4. Graphic Designer

According to PayScale, when comparing the salaries of 1,124 graphic designers in Australia, they found that the average salary was AU$ 48,333 per year. Becoming a graphic designer is usually through a university course and many people move into industrial design. The earning potential is high for a job that appeals to creative people, but competition is stiff.

#3. Teaching

Teaching is a great career choice for creative bees given the huge amount of imagination needed to plan and deliver lessons in interesting ways. The average monthly income for teachers in Australia is $2,793, according to The big perks of this job are the long holidays and job security.

#2. Garment Cutter

Many creative people make it big in the fashion world, even with no formal training. Success relies not only the quality of the design, but also how well it fits into the market. Working as a garment cutter is a secure job as you are simply following designs and directions from an employer. It should appeal to creative bees who like to be active. report that the average income for a garment cutter in Australia is $2,304.

#1. Interior Decorator

Many art graduates move into well paid work as interior decorators. Many other designers have no formal training but manage to carve out a role in this well-remunerated niche. Interior decorating requires skill, creativity and high interpersonal skills. Training at a school of interior decorating will give any creative bee a head start in succeeding in this competitive industry.


These seven career ideas should provide any creative person with an idea of which careers they could start that offer big perks. What do you think of our list? Which careers would you recommend? Leave us a question or comment below!

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