Where Can an Interior Design Course Take You?

Where Can an Interior Design Course Take You?

Whether you’re looking at enrolling in an interior design course for personal or professional reasons, the knowledge and skills you obtain throughout your studies will be invaluable.

a career in interior design

If you have a creative mind and relish the thought of using your theoretical and practical skills to completely transform a space, then a career in interior design could definitely be for you!

But, did you know that when you complete an interior design course, you’re opening yourself up to a world of possibilities, not just a career as an interior designer?

Career Outcomes

Working as an interior designer will see you planning interiors based around space, colour schemes, and other design/decorative elements.

Once you complete your course, you may enter the industry straight away, or you could use your newfound design knowledge to pursue a job in a similar field, as per below:

Jobs directly relevant to your design specific qualification:

  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Exhibition designer
  • Retail visual merchandiser
  • Home design consultant
  • Colour consultant

 Jobs where an interior design course can be useful:

  • Architects assistant
  • Soft furnishing consultant
  • Furniture selection consultant
  • Lighting consultant
  • Home finishing consultant

One of the best parts about working as an interior designer, or in a similar field, is that you won’t necessarily be glued to a desk all day. Depending on what type of role you end up in, you could be travelling to meet clients to discuss their needs, or moving around a studio assisting clients with their design selections.

 Interior Design Employment Trends/ Conditions in Australia

The interior design industry has been experiencing steady growth over the past few years, a trend which is expected to continue throughout 2017 and into the future.

With an average income of $52,000 pa, based on full time hours, the labour force is spread between male and female employees:

Male full time: 31.7%

Male part time: 0.9%

Female full time: 37.9%

Female part time: 29.5%

As an interior designer in Australia, you could find yourself working in an office, workshop, design studio, or even in an interior construction space. You could be employed by an architectural firm or construction company, an exhibition centre or events management company, or even by retailers or theatre companies.

In most cases, standard working hours apply, with the majority of interior designers working Monday to Friday during office hours. However, some weekend or late night work might be required, depending on your specific role.

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