6 Interior Design Mistakes Often Made Without Realizing Them

6 Interior Design Mistakes Often Made Without Realizing Them

If you look at many homes, you will realize that they use many decorations to create a good look. Essentially, it is hard to really determine whether all these items can bring out the best look at home. Well, it does not always work right using many decorative items as it is possible to do home decorations incorrectly according to expert interior designers. If you are probably wondering whether you make decorative mistakes, here are some of the not-so-obvious mistakes that many people make in interior decoration projects.

1. Table and dresser cluttering

This is one of the most common decorating mistakes that people make without knowing. For a fact, it is not wrong to love your best picture frames, knick-knacks and candles. However, how you arrange them on the table or dresser makes the difference. A lot of people will put everything on the table, which is not right. The best solution is hanging picture frames on walls to create space.

2. Overmatching décor

Everyone knows that matching is a good thing but if overdone, things can go wrong. This is because matching too many items is actually a decorating mistake that creates monotony. There is no problem sticking to a particular color scheme. Just make sure you do not get caught making all items one single color. To deal with this mistake, you can simply add small pops of color. Keep in mind that it does not imply throwing in any color. Just ensure you use multiple colors in the most creative ways.

3. Lighting nightmare

There is absolutely no point of having great décor at home if your lighting really brings you down. This problem commonly occurs when a person decides to have one big source of light. In other instances, poor lighting can also be the result of lighting positioning. You can deal with lighting nightmare by ensuring all the lights are in the right places. You may consider putting your lights on varying height levels. Simply think of it as layering. Small lights work for higher levels while lamps do great in lower levels.

4. Furniture fitting issues

Although homes come in various sizes and shapes, furniture also come in all sorts of size and design. In that case, having a smaller room does not limit you. If the room is small and you need more seating, you can opt for decorative chairs that are as cozy as sitting on a couch. You can also add creativity to the chairs by simply mixing and matching various designs and colors. Always work with your room measurements as recommended by home interior design institute.

5. No entryway décor

It is not uncommon for people to overlook the entryway. More often than not, people forget about it simply because it is not a room where they spend time socializing. Even though there is some truth to this, it is still part of your house. In that case, you can use a vase, plant or rug to create a welcoming feel in the area and make it more hospitable.

6. Too many throw pillows

Excessive pillows simply take away from the furniture and the entire décor. This leaves the room looking cluttered. You can always use throw pillows for decorating provided you do not use too many. A few throw pillows are enough to create an amazing look in the room.

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