5 Outstanding Male Interior Designers You Should Know

5 Outstanding Male Interior Designers You Should Know

Regardless of whether we’re talking about interior or exterior, men have always seemed to have a tantalizing touch to design that simply can’t be overlooked. Although interior design careers have been a predominantly female world, the truth is that some of the most influential design trends were created by men. Following are some examples of the best interior designers the past century had to offer.

1. Juan Montoya

Having won numerous accolades and awards for his achievements, Juan Montoya is one of the world’s leading interior designers. Born and raised in Colombia, he studied architecture in Bogota before graduating from the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York. Although he showed a preference towards minimalistic designs in his early years, Montoya is not associated with a single style or period. Nevertheless, his work is distinguishable via the shadow play, overlapping large and small furniture, and juxtaposing textures and fabrics.

2. Geoffrey Bradfield

Famous worldwide for projects such as the 200 room Equinox Resort in Vermont and the Gertrude Vanderbilt-Whitney estate in Long Island, Geoffrey Bradfield is one of the few interior designers who can combine contemporary art, functionality and opulence. Born in South Africa, Bradfield’s style was clearly been influenced by his country of origin. As he gained more experience in interior designing, the Orient and Art Deco influences are now very visible in his remarkably distinguishable work.

3. John Saladino

Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1936, John Saladino has become popular with his unique approach to manipulating colours and mixing the old and the new. Saladino is very fond of nature and history, elements that constitute his trademark and that you will often see incorporated into his work. Even though he prefers minimalistic designs, Saladino manages to create a comfortable environment boasting a strong emotional impact with the help of couture detailed furnishings. Some of John Saladino’s most appreciated works include the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii and the 10,000 square foot Palladian residence in Palm Beach.

4. Jean-Henri Jansen

In spite of the fact that Jean-Henri Jansen passed away almost a century ago, the reason he is on this list stems from the fact that his work has inspired and motivated numerous generations of interior designers. Founder of the famous Manson Jansen (1880), his projects and legacy lived on through equally valuable successors such as Stephan Bouldin. Jansen and his company’s projects are highly appreciated due to the accent drama, high quality furnishing and maximum use of the available space.

5. Samuel Botero

Possessing a quarter-century of experience in interior designs, Colombian born Samuel Botero is certainly one of the top designers worldwide. With clients such as Nina Hyde and Julio Iglesias, has started off his career as a modernist upon graduating from the Pratt Institute. Nowadays, he is considered a master of a variety of styles in which he always manages to implement a touch of the customer’s needs and personalities. Constantly discovering new ways to employ innovative colours and natural influences, Botero’s trademark is that he adds a drop of humour to all his timeless works.

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