5 Interior Design Trends For 2016

5 Interior Design Trends For 2016

Interior design trends come and go with some sticking around for longer. Among the many inspired interior design changes inside and outside the home, the best are unique and tend to last longer. This year, emphasis on nature and environment in unusual spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms and richness of accessories in minimalistic and functional space arrangement are the in-thing. Let’s take a deeper look into the interior design trends for this year.

Black metals

The decidedly dull black metals today are appearing in basic bathroom fixtures and kitchen hardware.  Interior designers are even blending black metal with glass and wood for unique looks, or as decor enhancing additions. Welders are creating entire pieces of matte black metal for a wide range of uses around a home such as door hardware, vanity basins, wall and window security panels.  The use of hand made metals objects and furniture around the home is endless.

Antique ornamentation

People always want to adorn their spaces with familiar things to which they relate.  It gives them a sense of belonging thus wellbeing.  And what better way to do so than using furnishing pieces and accessories of yonder years. Look for Empire or Georgian tapestries, antiques and reproductions. Use sumptuous materials such as velvets, brocades and cushions, tassels, cording and fringes to soften the austerity of your contemporary upholstery.

Enhanced nature and lush green presence

Once again,  a feature of interior design this year is introducing green plants to create environmentally-friendly residences. Bringing nature closer to your living spaces is not only beautiful, it has an enriching and calming effect on the occupiers.   The artistic and aesthetic value of a healthy, well-arranged garden in and around the home gives a sense of coolness, freshness and cleanliness.  Care should be taken when selecting potted indoor plants as to their suitability and visual enhancement.

Rounded furniture 

By using bull-nose and radial edges, furniture manufactured of hard materials such as marble and granite are becoming visually softer. As touch is a critical sensory component of well-being,  you will love rubbing your hands along a smooth, rounded piece of furniture in your living room.

Minimalistic arrangement of space and functionalism of accessories

People are increasingly using all sorts of functional decorative objects this year. The clever and minimalistic utilization and arrangement of spaces has become extremely important for the today’s dynamic lifestyle.  Today, homeowners are moving towards a minimalistic model.  Restful aesthetic composure allows them to escape their chaotic daily working routines. Unusual rooms such as the bathroom are being turned in a relaxation or spa area.  It is not uncommon to have reclining benches in the bathroom for relaxing, reading or even listening to music.

While the above list of interior design trends is not all inclusive, it will give you an idea of what is developing this year in interior design. If you want to find out more about the interior design courses we offer, find out more here.


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