5 Brilliant Female Interior Designers That We Love

5 Brilliant Female Interior Designers That We Love

Without denying that there are thousands of female interior designers across the globe, there are some designers that simply stand out. In the realm of interior design, these five women are truly brilliant and a source of inspiration you should get t know.

1. Dorothy Draper

Dorothy Draper is appreciated across the globe for her ability to create the most outstanding, sassy and decadent settings. A huge fan of modernism, her style is best described as an atypical mix of stripes, floral patterns and her famous mantra. She didn’t receive special training in interior decorating.

Draper admitted that her gift comes from the privilege of having been constantly surrounded by environments styled in good taste. Some say she owes this unique opportunity to the fact that she was Eleanor Roosevelt’s cousin. Her most famous projects include The Carlyle in New York, The Dorotheum and The Lithuanian Royal Palace.

2. Petra Blaisse

Petra Blaisse is world renowned for a style that encompasses nature, sophistication, culture and functionality. She started her career working as a freelance designer for the prestigious Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, where she was in charge of managing various architectural installations. It is during this period that she discovered her passion for working with textiles and interiors; these elements determined her to shift her focus to landscape design.

Founder of the Inside Outside group, Blaisse’s most notable projects include the conceptual “Art and Princess Leia’s bedroom” window hanging, and the spiralling ‘sound curtain’ she created for the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

3. Laura Day

Although she’s not as famous as Jennifer Anniston’s therapist, Laura Day the interior designer is highly appreciated in her niche for the ability to create clean and comfortable spaces that reflect the client’s personality. Using very basic principles of combining furniture, colour and light, she manages to create sophisticated settings that are a manifestation of simple elegance and personal touches.

4. Francis Elkins

Granted, Francis Elkins decided to take on interior design as a career mostly due to her architect brother’s coercing and the fact that she needed a means of income in the wake of her divorce. However, as it soon turned out, she possessed a natural talent. The popularity of her designs comes from the enchanting mix of contrasting colours that act like a unifying factor for the space.

Passionate about patterns, her style is also easily recognizable due to the multitude of checkboards and stripes, particularly used in drapes and floors. Some of Elkins’s most popular projects include the Historic Abode Casa Amesti in California and the Cypress Point Club Clubhouse.

5. Clodagh

Born in Ireland, Clodagh has discovered her sense of style and a passion for interior decorating after she moved to New York. A strong supporter of the principle of harmony, her projects are easily recognizable as they tend to evoke serenity and tranquillity, both of which are obtained using simple materials. Clodagh is known to adhere to the Feng Shui principles, and this is why you will notice that her projects feature sustainable materials like hand-woven fabrics, concrete and stone.

As you can see from some of her most famous projects – Miraval Life-in-Balance spa resort in Arizona or Tufenkian Heritage hotels in Armenia – what makes her style timeless is the lack of clutter, a preference for open spaces and contemporary lines.

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