3 Wall Design Debacles And How To Avoid Them

3 Wall Design Debacles And How To Avoid Them

A magnificently decorated interior not only functions well but it also creates the right mood and shows the personality of the people that live in a home. So, before repainting your walls, spend some time thinking about what you want. For inspiration, look through interior design magazines both online and offline, and then pull ideals that appeal to you. That being said, you can convert outdated walls into contemporary marvels. Here is how to turn dreadful looking walls into a delight.

Exposed brick walls

Although exposed brick walls can give a large warehouse or loft-style apartment an industrial stylish look, it is suitable for a modern home. An exposed brown brick wall in most cases is an eyesore. Even with modern furniture, this kind of a wall is often hard to spruce up as it can still dominate for all the wrong reasons. Even quality floorings can’t help in cases such as these. An easy and quick solution is to this kind of a problem is to paint the wall a dark shade that works well with the rest if the room’s colour palette. Having done so, you will be left with the nice texture and feel of the brick and a subtler, trendier look overall.

Wall panelling

Wall panelling

If your home’s walls look something like the inside of a sauna, they are suffering from what some expert interior designers refer to as the ‘scary Scandinavian sauna look’. It is the worst type of timber panelling installation on all walls of a room, and that make the smallest of rooms in a home feel even smaller. In most cases, badly installed wall panelling is teamed with scary tiles too. While you are not being discouraged from using timber wall panelling, note that balance and moderation is the key to getting the best of results.

By moderation, we don’t mean overwhelming your space, but rather utilize timber for feature details, not on all four walls. Where balance is concerned, it is recommended that you keep the timber as part of a balanced combination of other finishes, textures and colours, including plenty of neutral, natural and white materials such as concrete or marble or stone flooring.

Dated feature walls

Some people favour using too much colour on one wall in their home leaving the others looking stark in comparison. This is what is commonly referred to as dated feature walls. This sort of a wall sometimes clashes with the flooring leaving it looking bare. As such, it really sticks out like a sore thumb. The best way to avoid this is going bold and painting all walls in the same colour.

If you opt for darker shades, make sure your room the room is getting sufficient natural light. The colours you chose must work together with other colours utilized in the room instead of being the odd colours out.

A feature wall should never be left bare. It should be thought of as a striking backdrop to make other details to really stand out, for example an open bookshelf, floating shelves, a large mirror or a collection of prints. If you would rather not go too dark on all walls, simply use the full strength of a colour on one feature wall and then half strength on the rest of the walls.

If like most people you can’t do a perfect job on your interior walls, it is recommended that you join a reputable school of interior decorating in Perth, Australia. This way, you will learn all there is to know about interior designing, and more! Discover Judith Molyneux’s interior design courses here!

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